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Sivu Spaghetti Olkaimet Hihaton Aplikoitu Helmikuvoinnit Pitkä Sifonki Mekot

Sale Price: 126,00 €

Market Price: 687,60 €

(82% OFF)

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Tailoring Time:12-15 Days Riippumatta siitä, haluatko valita normaalikokoisen tai mukautetun mittauksen, räätälöimme jokaisen vaatteen tilaamaan. Toimitusaika: 3-8 päivää Sinun pukeutumisesi valmistuu räätälöimään noin 12–15 päivässä. Sitten lähetämme sen UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedexin kautta.

Tämä tuote on Tilaustyönä-Tehty. Valitset sitten vakiokoko tai yksilöllisen mittauksen, meidän räätälit veneet jokaisen mekko tilauksesta.

Varhaisin saapumispäivä on 18/02/2023 jos tilaus on TÄNÄÄN.

Sivu Spaghetti Olkaimet Hihaton Aplikoitu Helmikuvoinnit Pitkä Sifonki Mekot

Tuotenumero 40101
Kausi Kevät,Kesä,Syksy,Talvi
Kangas Sifonki
Kaula-aukko Spagettiolkaimet
Muoto Sivu
Hiha Hihaton
Kaunistus Helmikuvoinnit,Aplikoitu
Vyötärö Luonnollinen
Seläntyyli Muut
Helmankorkeus/Laahus Lattiaahipova pituus
VäriNäkyvissä Musta
Pakkauksen Paino 1500.0000


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  6. A-linja/Prinsessa Niskalenkillä Hihaton Helmikuvoinnit Lyhyt/Mini Tylli Mekot

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    Market Price: 410,40 €



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Please, I need to see picture of this dress. I just fall in love with this wedding dress and I want to have it, but I need to see actual fotos first. Please send me some at [email protected]




I wore this dress for my December Winter wedding in Ohio. It was perfect. It was so cute! I ordered a size 10 and had a seamstress take in the waist and remove the padding in the bust. She also needed to take in the shoulders so that it would be form fitting. It looked beautiful! It was perfect for the ceremony and also the restaurant/bar reception. It was great for dancing too. I loved that the dress was different from the common strapless, swamping gown. It is a great choice!




hola alquien a comprado este vestido??me gustaria saber si llega realmente a casa ya que me caso el 15 de enero y no me gustaria que me engañaran :(




Superbe robe mais par contre beaucoup trop longue, elle arrive à mes chevilles.




My dress has arrived and its beautiful, its exactly like the photo , the quality is amazing and doesn't reflect the price i paid, the lace has small black sequins on it so that it sparkles as well. I can't believe how truly well made it is, its lined and boned and has bust support so no way it will fall down, Train is longer than i expected. All i can say is the fit style, is superb and i'm really glad i ordered it, now all i got to do is get my bridesmaids dresses. And for all those doubters take the plunge it is worth it. For the ones that have asked for photos i will post some soon but a bit mad at moment due to xmas. Also it only took 20 days from ordering to recieving it custom made.




I must say that I was happily surprised by this dress. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with ordering a dress online. I received it in a timely manner, 4-6 weeks, and it fit almost perfectly. The material was great quality and the overall dress is beautiful. I like it much more in person in comparison to the picture online. My favorite feature are the sleeves and neckline, both very elegant and not too conservative as many sleeved dresses have been. The quality of the dress was pretty much on par with the quality I have seen from other places. There were a few spots that the lace or beads were coming up, but it is an easy fix. The one downside to this dress is that the mermaid style does make it difficult to move around fluidly. I am concerned with how easy it will be to dance in at the reception. I may have to buy a second dress for that.




Hola , me gustaria saber si el precio del vestido no varia en cuanto al envio y si el envio llega directo a casa ,o en cambio tendria que ir a recigerlo a algun lugar en particular.El vestido lo necesitaria para el mes de agosto para saber con cuan to tiempo de antelacion deberia pedirlo.




I just ordered this dress, it is my passion I do like it. hope that everything will be okay with the product and delivery. and that the time to come to order)

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